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We have good news for lovers of Crystal Mermaid Powders and Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel: the Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel family is expanded with a brand new shade, and the Mermaid Latte color will dazzle your guests with the sparkle of mermaid powders.



You can easily create the very popular translucent effect with it. If you want an even more natural end result, build the base layer from treme Fusion AcrylGel Transparent Pink so that the color of the free wind and the nail bed will be almost the same. With the Cool Top Universal coating, the glitter is apricot-pink, with the Cool Top 4Dark coating, their greenish-yellow glow prevails.


The unique AcrylicGel from our Xtreme range, with lightweight and timeless formability that has been perfected over months of testing for professional and fast salon work.

Thanks to its tubular presentation, it can be accurately dispensed without loss of material.

Be the first to see how you can speed up your salon work with the new Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel!


  • Acrylic Jelly Building Material
  • Xtreme is dense, does not burn
  • The construction is characterized by the timeliness of the gel's controllability and the porcelain's formability
  • Tubular packing - precise dosing without loss of material
  • No priming gel is required
  • Instead of Liquid , you can work with Cleanser - eliminating allergic reactions from using Liquid and eliminating unpleasant odors.
  • Easy and timeless shaping - the material does not flow on the nail bed before setting
  • After curing, the gel's grit and elasticity mix with the strength of the porcelain
  • Extremely easy filing - gentle on joints, easier to file than jelly, shortens grating time
  • More accurate construction - saves you time by saving your file
  • Fast salon work - more guests
  • Tested for months

Load five nails in just 12 minutes!



A new generation of non- combustible , Xtreme dense, perfectly formable and easily grated Acrylic Gel building material. The construction is characterized by the controllability of the gel and the timelessness of the porcelain moldability. After curing, the gel's grit and elasticity mix with the strength of the porcelain. After curing, it should be fixed and then moldable with a file .


The all-new tubular design provides a clean working environment. Precisely dosed, sufficient amount of material is applied to the nail without loss of material. It can be built faster than with jelly or porcelain. Does not require foundation gel. Recommended for use with Liquid del or Cleanser : Using Cleanser eliminates allergic reactions to Liquid and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Extremely easy to file, fast and gentle for both guest and professional. Recommended file are:  Xtreme 180/180 (green) and Professional 150/150 (blue) and IronX file 150/180.

Bending time in
 UV / LED lamp or LED lamp 7-15 seconds, depending on lamp strength.
Cure time
 2-3 hours in UV / LED lamp, 1-2 minutes in LED.


Even during construction or filling, the material does not break even on problematic nails .

It can be perfectly combined with other building gels and building porcelain families.
Recommended top gels: Cool Top Gel And Xtrema Top Shine.

Recommended for use with a softer brush: Nero Merlo l brush, CoverPRO Brush, Xtreme Porcelain Brush, or any round natural hairbrush.


Xtreme Fusion Gel is available in the most popular French colors: Cover Pink, Clear, Extra White.