ROYAL GEL R177 - 4.5ML
145 kr

ROYAL GEL R177 - 4.5ML


Vibrating fuchsia

Our range is expanded with irresistible, blood-curdling Royal Gel shades. For lovers of playful, vibrant colors, the R174 Velvet Flower and the R175 Pink Hibiscus will be the finish. For hot, hot summer shades, you should choose R176 Hawaiian Rose and R177 Vibrant Fuchsia Royal Gels.

It’s no coincidence that Royal Gels are surrounded by unbroken enthusiasm every season, as they are not only easy to work with, but also super-durable and already perfectly covered in one layer.

Curing time 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 1-2 minutes in LED


They are highly pigmented, so they cover well in one (or two thin) layers. After bonding, their surface is dry and shiny. If you want to further increase your shine or provide long-lasting light, you may want to apply a flexible light gel such as Top Seal Light, Easy Off Top Gel or Cool Top Gel . We can use them to color the entire surface of my artificial nails. Due to their pigmentation, Royal Gels are also excellent for decoration: either for slightly embossed surface decoration or for gel painting.