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Japanese Manicure - P. Shine - Professional Set


In 2003, our company introduced the Japanese Manicure, a former secret procedure of the Japanese aristocracy. It restores the natural beauty and shine of nails and promotes healthy nail growth. As a result, our natural nails provide a brilliant sense of comfort in our daily lives. The treatment strengthens the nails, brightens the nail color (more and more with each treatment), and gives a very lasting light (does not wear out because the material is incorporated into the nail plate). It also has an extraordinary effect on a pedicure.


P.Shine Professional Kit Includes:

  • P.Shine Japanese manicure cream
  • P.Shine Japanese manicure powder
  • 3 pieces of nail file
  • 2 pieces of deer leather polisher
  • polishing cloth
  • dosing spoon


How to use:

We recommend full treatment with PROFI KIT twice or three times a month . (The kit is sufficient for about 200 complete care). Semi-dry cream (green jar) is used to get the active ingredient into the nail, while powder (pink jar) is intended to keep the active ingredient in the nail, protecting and polishing the nail.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment twice or three times a week between treatments. For this purpose a small kit for home care is available.



Complete PROFI care consists of the following steps:

  1. For the first treatment, apply the pink half of the pink-green double-sided grater to allow the active ingredient to penetrate the nail layers better. The green file side is used for nail shaping. (In the case of thin nails, we recommend that you do not puncture.) Regular treatment should be done only for the first time on the entire nail surface, and subsequent treatments should be done only on freshly trimmed nails.
  2. Using a white dosing spoon, distribute a pinch of semi-dry cream (green jar) on the nail (gently squeezing it) or the green block polisher, then polish the material onto the nail surface until the nail begins to shine. Hold the polisher at both ends and always move it in the same direction (not back and forth) and pull it as far as possible along the nail. (Even if the cream dries, it will not lose its effectiveness.)
  3. The powder (pink jar) is polished with a small amount of nail polish in the same way as the cream block polisher.
  4. Finally, clean the nails (or the double-sided file) with the cloth provided.
  5. Skin treatment and oiling can be added to the treatment.


Product protected by the Patent Office. CAUTION! It is imitated in different packages. The effectiveness of imitations can be questioned.