CN COVER PINK BASE GEL 8ml - Crystal Nails Sweden
136 kr

Compact Base Gel Cover Rose

Rose pink, flexible, soak-off base gel

Colored base gel

A versatile Crystal Nails innovation! This rose pink, flexible, soak-off base gel brings outstanding adhesion, and rocks the most popular Cover Pink shade. Easy to work with, provides effortless, smooth spreading!

Product highlights:

  • Perfect base coat for nail sculpting. Prevents regrowth and staining.
  • Perfect base coat for applying gel polish onto French nails. Increases work efficiency: allows you to apply white gel polish without using any other base color.
  • Durable nude gel polish. Apply two coats of Cover Pink Gel, then top it off with a coat of Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac.

Leaves a slightly sticky residue. Easy to soak off, complete soak-off takes about 8 minutes.Cure time in UV: 2-3 minsIn LED: 1-2 mins