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Rose crystal

Spring colors bring to life the sight of a flowery meadow, with green trees, blue sky, and pink and peach flowers. 3S185 is a peachy pink shade, 3S18 Rose Crystal is a pale pink shade, while one of the trend colors of this spring season is 3S187 Skylight / Blue sky, which immediately evokes the fresh, blue sky of spring, and 3S188 Parrot Green is the chirping birds gave, brings to mind a calm atmosphere.

Due to different monitor settings, the color shown in the picture and the actual color may differ from each other!


You shouldn't choose from them, get them all!


The result of serious years of research and development is CrystaLac: this colored material provides the durability of colored gels with the ease of varnishing. It has a creamier texture, is flexible and soluble. It spreads softly and gently, it also binds completely to UV or LED light - no damage or scratches.

Curing in UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in LED for 1-2 minutes.


Used for natural nails.

The primer gel is Compact Base Gel , Compact Base Gel Plus , Base Gel , Color Up Base Gel , Cover Pink Base Gel or Cover LightPink Base Gel . Cover gel, Clear 0 / Top CrystaLac , Cool Top Gel , or (for Easy Off Gel base) Easy Off Top Gel .

The shelf life of the 3 STEP CrystaLacs is 3 weeks.
Dissolve for up to 10 minutes (depending on material thickness and solvent).


CN Tip: For thin nails, strengthen the nail plate with Compact Base Gel or Hardener Sand .


Thanks to PolyHybrid technology, CrystaLac is more durable and has a much higher coverage. Its colors have an elevated pigment content. The flattened brush in it rests on the nail, so you can work with the material more precisely and evenly. The unique color-identical glass is not only flashy but also practical: your guest can choose their favorite color at a glance.